C & M Little with Lilly. 

We first starting seeing Sally after our dog Lilly had surgery to fix her luxating patella, due to complications Lilly ended up needing 2 surgeries.

By the time we started seeing Sally, Lilly’s leg had lost a lot of muscle mass.  She is also a very anxious dog, and Sally spent time building her trust in order to ensure Lilly was comfortable during visits.

On her first visit, Sally had Lilly complete some basic exercises, such as walking up and down stairs, or climbing on and off a couch and focused on things like her posture, balance and the way she was using her leg, after watching Lilly complete these things, she was able to give us an assessment of what needed to be addressed in order to have Lilly moving pain free.

Sally then performed a range of different massages, tailored to what Lilly needed, starting from her neck and working all the way back to her hind legs, during the different massages, Sally would feel and determine how different muscles reacted to the techniques she was using, giving her further insight into Lilly’s condition.

The entire time she ensured that Lilly was comfortable and relaxed, to the point where Lilly almost fell asleep! After the massages, Sally ran Lilly through the same exercises that she had performed prior to the massage and we could instantly see a positive change in her balance and posture.

We have seen Sally multiple times since the first visit and every time we see Lilly’s condition improve. Sally was able to not only help Lilly, but also teach us how to assess Lilly ourselves and better understand her condition.

She gave us peace of mind that Lilly’s recovery after a major surgery was on track, and we would strongly encourage any pet owner who has a pet recovering from surgery or dealing with any other condition to see Sally.