Mobile & In-Hospital Services

Your dog’s comfort is our top priority and your convenience is important too.  
This is why I offer both at home and in clinic services.   

 At home services: 

 Many dogs will feel more calm and secure when at home.   If they are experiencing an injury, recovering from surgery or are generally anxious, their level of stress will be minimised with a home visit.    

 Your own comfort also needs to be considered.  Does your dog need assistance to get in and out of the car?  Do you get anxious yourself when you need to take your dog to the vet?    

It is for these reasons (and many more) that Canine Remedial Therapy Services offers at home services.  These visits are available 6 days per week including evenings.   

 No surcharge for evening visits.   Appointment availability and pricing schedule can be found here.


In-clinic Services:  

For hospitalised patients, clients who would like to tie their dog’s massage visit with a consultation with their vet, Canine Remedial Therapy Services is able to offer services through your preferred veterinary practice by negotiation.  These services are at the discretion of your veterinarian as in these cases it is your vet who is the primary care provider.