The Real Deal…

As I was growing up, we always had animals, mostly dogs and cats.  My Grandpa and Dad are also dog lovers, so I guess to certain degree, my love for animals is genetic.

Since I was a kid, I always knew that I wanted to help animals and when the time came for choosing a career, it was inevitable that I would work with them too.  It’s no great surprise that most of my hobbies and community efforts revolve around dogs too!

I’ve been lucky throughout my career as I’ve had opportunities and mentors who have invested a lot into my development. From my very first step into the animal industry as a kennel hand in Victoria through to the launch of Canine Remedial Therapy Services, the support and inspiration has been incredible.

Animals have always been a huge part of my life.  Each dog has been very different, but all of them have taught me something special.  Marlo, my little Scottish Terrier x Jack Russell is the other half of my agility team (now retired, we’ve moved into Nosework).  It is she who has helped me discover my talents in remedial therapy.


Marlo and I started training in agility in late 2016.  She has a natural ability and a huge enthusiasm for it. Her conformation is typical to her breed – and then some – as she has fewer vertebrae than normal and funny little terrier legs.

To maintain her health, I studied Canine Remedial Massage Therapy, gaining my certificate in March 2020.  It was during this time, I discovered ways to support and promote the health of so many dogs that visit the vet each and every day.

So, my goal has always been the same:  to promote the health, well-being and quality of life for all pets and now I can achieve this better than ever before.  I’ve never owned a business of my own, but am committed to Canine Remedial Therapy Services’ success.  The success of my business will mean that I can achieve this goal.

I’m confident, committed and enjoying the challenge.  I’m hoping that you’ll join me on this journey.  Even though it is your dog who will benefit most, I know you’ll be rewarded too.